Letter from the President

One night during my first-year at Barnard College, I lazily took the elevator from my Brooks floor quad to the first floor water fountain. As I stepped out of the elevator, I heard a low roar of laughter from a lounge I had never noticed before and as I peeped in, one of the many beautiful, black women in the room invited me into the space. That was my introduction to B.O.S.S.

For the past fifty years, the Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters has committed itself to being an organization that makes black women feel safe and welcomed in a world that works to do the opposite. When I entered the Zora Neale Hurston Lounge for the first time, I tangibly felt the love and the joy, and that is the type of space we pledge to create as a group. Whether during weekly meetings, Family Dinner and Soul Sister Cocktail, Momma Bear-Baby Cub mentorship events, or semesterly community service programming, B.O.S.S. actively embodies community on the Barnard and Columbia campus by supporting and encouraging black women and non-binary students whenever and however we can.

On behalf of the B.O.S.S. Executive Board, I invite you to join our community. We will work tirelessly to make our club more inclusive and more enjoyable for all, and whenever we fall short, we promise to try and make it right.

We love you, we care for you, and we hope to see you soon!

Alicia Simba ‘19